Sunday, 29 November 2009

Yay they've arrived !!!!!

At long last and what seems to have taken FOREVER Jo's and my pens have arrived and my lovely husband went and collected them for us whilst I was away in Bath. I can't believe I've finally got the FULL SET of Copics and can't wait to use them, at the moment I am just looking at them and thinking of how I am going to reorganize them into each colourway. I am so happy, some people might think a bit mad to be so obsessive about felt tip pens but hey, each to their own he he...........


  1. Congrats on getting your copics! I've justed posted on UKS to your question about Copic storage. Lots of my links on my blog are to copic users, but definitely look at 'i like markers' and 'suzannejdean' on youtube. Look for 'copic creations' for lots of challenges with more links too!
    The key is lots of practice - and you'll get easier blends using the paler colours at first which gives you confidence. Enjoy your markers - I adore mine!